Why I’m loving my circle lenses from LensCircle

As an avid contact lens wearer, I have tried many different brands of contact lenses throughout the years.  I got my first pair of prescription glasses when I turned 9, and at age 13, decided I’d had enough of wearing them and convinced my parents to buy me contact lenses instead.

Today, I wear my glasses quite frequently, but every once in a while, I like to ditch the glasses and rock my contacts Although I wear my contact lenses primarily for sight, every once in a while, I enjoy wearing a pair of colored lenses to make my eyes pop for special occasions or for picture purposes. What I noticed about most cosmetic contact lens companies, was that their lenses looked very unnatural and apart from coloring the eyes, did nothing to change the actual size of the eye.

I had heard a lot about circle lenses– extra wide cosmetic contact lenses which made the eyes appear larger. I knew that they were a huge fad in parts of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, but not as much in the states. What sets them apart from your typical colored lens is that they contain an extra dark colored tint around the outer ring of the lens which is transparent in normal colored lenses. This helps the eyes appear larger.

Where to order your Circle Lenses?

I found a reputable site to order from that produce high-quality lenses called Lens Circle . They do have a lot of off-the chart colors, but if you look closely, they have many natural looking colors as well! I decided to order my first couple of pairs to test out and I must say, I was quite pleased. What I liked was that although they are a cosmetic lens, you also have the option of ordering a prescription pair –which is what I did.

The first pair I chose was a green color from their “World Series Circle Lens Collection” . The contact lenses come in a liquid solution and include an instruction manual, and a case. The lenses come beautifully packaged in their own adorable, animal print bags


circle lens review


circle lens product review

circle lens product review

It’s important to soak the contact lenses for at least 24 hours in regular contact solution (not included) before wearing the lenses. You want to make sure you follow all the directions carefully to ensure that you are using safe practices for wearing the lenses–especially if you are not used to wearing them in the first place.

Included in the kit is an adorable bear compact case (perfect for travel) which includes a travel size contact lens case, tweezers to remove the lenses from the bottles, a suction to remove the contact lenses from the eyes, and a mini bottle to hold extra contact lens solution.

I only ended up using the tweezers once to remove the lenses out of the bottles and into the solution. I also did not use the suction as I am already a pro at removing contact lenses with my bare hands (17 years of wearing contact lenses helped me with that!).

I took these lenses with me on vacation recently and loved the fact that I was able to carry them in this small compact case and through TSA lines with no issues.


lens circle review

lens circle review

The second pair of contact lenses that I ordered were a grey color and they were from the Fresh Color Circle Lens line. This line of their features a more natural look than their other lenses. Now I must say that for my naturally dark brown, almost black eyes, these really did not show up much in my eyes.

They did appear to make my eyes look larger but the actual color did not come through much. I would recommend only ordering the grey color if you already have light colored eyes to begin with but would like a different shade. I was advised by the company that many colors do show up better in natural lighting since they are only meant to give a slight tint. This is what makes them look more natural compared with their counterparts.

lens circle review

lens circle review

Here’s how the green lenses looked in my eyes. as you can see, they have a natural look which I love! and yes–I did wear these to the BlogHer17 conference which I hope to have a review on as well very soon (in case you were wondering)!


IMG_20170702_093425_573 (1)

circle lens review

My final thought of LensCircle lenses

Overall, I was satisfied with the range of colors available on the website which you can view HERE. What I do want to add is that wearing them for long periods of time can make your eyes feel a bit dry so I personally recommend not wearing for extended amounts of time. I also recommend using a re-wetting eye drop every couple of hours to ensure that the lenses stay moist.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Lens Circle but all opinions are my own.



  1. Onyi | 4th Jul 17

    Looking into trying this company out. Thanks

  2. Heather | 4th Jul 17

    Hmmm. I may have to look into these. I used to wear colored lenses in college and haven’t since, but I loved them.

    • Projectlifewellness | 5th Jul 17

      I definitely recommend it! they look so natural! thanks so much for stopping by <3

  3. Farrah Lynn Albertie | 4th Jul 17

    I have been thinking about transitioning to contact lenses, so I will give these a look.

  4. mommyingmaars | 4th Jul 17

    Now if I can only learn not to freak out about putting stuff in my eyes. Last time I tried took me 45 mins to put one on and it didn’t work lol

    • Projectlifewellness | 5th Jul 17

      You definitely get used to it…i know i am after nearly 18 years! LOL

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