Eliminating stress by choosing a beach front destination wedding

There are very few moments in life that can bring me tears of joy. Witnessing a beautiful wedding ceremony is definitely one of them.

When my Husband and I got married back in 2013, we had talked about having a beachfront wedding but didn’t think that we could afford it at the time. We had heard about all of the wonderful benefits that come with planning a destination wedding and were quite intrigued by the idea. After all, it was the simplicity aspect that got me interested in the first place. I really do wish I knew back then what I know now.

Planning a standard wedding and ceremony can be pricey, stressful, and full of family drama. It can be hard to get what you want if everyone is putting in their two cents and shutting down your ideas. We all have enough stress in our lives as it is and our wedding day should not be one of them.

There are many reasons people can choose a destination wedding

Honeymoon convenience. With a destination beachfront wedding, you get a head start on your honeymoon and get to enjoy the breathtaking views right from the start. There is no need to go home after the wedding ceremony and reception, pack your bags and catch a flight, because… you are already there!

  • They’re less stressful. The beautiful thing about a destination beach front weddings is the simplicity and lack of stress that goes along with planning traditional weddings and ceremonies. Destination weddings usually require very little preparation and planning on the couple’s part. Depending on the package selected, many times, nearly everything is taken care of ahead of time by staff/weddings coordinators on site. All you need to do is show up. Who wouldn’t want that?
  • Affordability. Although elegant and seemingly out of reach, a beach front destination wedding is surprisingly more affordable than a traditional wedding. This is made possible through cost-effective packages which include a ceremony, reception, dinner, brunch, or shower and can accommodate a small or large gathering.
  • They’re beautiful. As seen in some of your favorite movies, a beachfront destination wedding sets the tone for a relaxing getaway that can be enjoyed by both the couple and the guests alike. Being a part of a beach front wedding can be a breathtaking experience helping you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Where to go?

With so many possible locations to hold a beach front wedding, selecting the best spot can be an overwhelming experience. Also, many couples aren’t interested in traveling internationally and would like to keep things local instead.

A domestic location such as Florida may be a wonderful option for couples wanting to stay in the US and not spend a fortune. Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina in Ft. Myers Florida can be an off-the beaten-path option for you.  It offers many choices for events right on the beach.  But if putting your toes actually in the sand is not for you, the covered space overlooking the beach or their tropical Butterfly Garden event space will be right up your ally.   And, of course, they have indoor ballrooms…just in case.  With  condo suites of 1 and 2 bedrooms for overnight guests, everyone in your party will have the space they need to spread out every day.  The resort is a full-service destination with an award-winning farm-to-table restaurant for healthy eating, a full service spa for healthy relaxation, beach and water craft rentals for healthy activities,  and full-time wedding coordinators on staff for the healthy piece-of-mind of the bride and groom.  They can handle it all.

The wedding packages are designed to accommodate between 20-150 guests, and can be customized as needed. It’s no wonder that the folks at the Pink Shell Beach Resort won the Couple’s Choice Award in 2017.

If we could do it all over again, we would have gone with a destination wedding. Oh well, there’s always the 20-year vow renewal!! 😉

pink shell beach resort and marina

pink shell beach resort and marina

pink shell beach resort and marina


Captiva Bedroom

Captiva Living RM



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pink shell beach resort and marina

This post is sponsored by Pink Shell Beach Resort & Marina but all opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Melody | 30th Jun 17

    Wow! This makes me want a do-over on my wedding! ❤ This is gorgeous.

  2. Holly | 30th Jun 17

    This place is gorgeous! Such a smart idea to do a destination wedding within the U.S. I think that makes it attainable for a lot more people 🙂

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