What to pack for BlogHer17 | Top 10 things you’ll need!

With the BlogHer17 conference soon approaching, those attending may be finding themselves scrambling for last minute room bookings and transportation. After all, BlogHer is said to be THE biggest event for female online content creators. Point blank.

Like other Blog conferences, BlogHer is a wonderful opportunity to network and expand your online presence by meeting and collaborating with other bloggers and sponsors. Perhaps more importantly however, is the tremendous value you receive from all of the sessions themselves! You’ll get to experience inspiring keynotes and learn the latest techniques in blogging putting you way ahead of the game.

For those who have never attended a blogging conference such as myself, it can feel downright overwhelming as you pack your bag…after all, the uncertainty of what to expect can leave you clueless on what you’ll need while there.

Luckily, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to connect with a few seasoned bloggers who’ve attended BlogHer for years and had some wonderful advice for me!

So what exactly should you pack for BlogHer?

  1. Laptop. After all, you’ll probably want to blog while there…not to mention, you can bring it with you to the actual conference to take notes.
  2. Business cards. This your chance to shine and market your blog! You will likely be handing business cards out to fellow bloggers and sponsors alike, so bring a bunch!
  3. Cross-body purse. I don’t know about you but I love cross body bags for their convenience and size. I hate having to carry a bag around with me everywhere, especially when I’ll have other things to carry!
  4. Hand sanitizer. You’ll likely be shaking a lot of hands so keep the hand sanitizer close by!
  5. Notebook/planner. If you’re old fashioned like me and prefer to write everything down rather than type it, you’ll want to bring your own notebook and pen to the conference. I am actually bringing my 2017 planner with me to take notes and mark down dates in case I want to track deadlines or guest post dates.
  6. Media Kits. I cannot stress this one enough. If you are planning on meeting with companies at the event to discuss potential sponsorships, you’ll want to have a media kit ready to hand out along with your business card. What’s a media kit you ask? It’s basically your blogging “resume”. Read more about them Here.
  7. An Extra bag for swag. I keep hearing about all the samples and free “stuff” you can get while at BlogHer. Last thing you want to do is bring a small bag with you and not have enough room to take back everything with you! come prepared with an extra bag that can fit into your suitcase in case you get a few samples to take back!
  8. Comfortable shoes. Especially if you’re planning on leaving the resort to go exploring.
  9. Camera. I guess this one can be optional but if you’re planning on actually blogging at the conference, bringing your camera can be crucial. After all, pictures or it didn’t happen…right?
  10. Your PMA. Finally, possibly the most important thing to bring to BlogHer17 is your Positive Mental Attitude. Corny, I know but It’s true. These conferences provide a wonderful opportunity to grow your blog, network with others, learn, and be inspired…so you want to go in with the expectation to do so.

I am beyond excited for BlogHer17 and feel tremendously thankful for this wonderful opportunity. What’s even more crazy is the fact that during the time I’ll be there, I will have hit exactly 1-year since my first blog post on here. Cool eh? I think so.

Are you going to BlogHer17? let me know!


  1. Gabe Burkhardt | 18th Jun 17

    Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished in the blogosphere over the past year! And looks like you’ll be well-prepared for the conference…

    • Projectlifewellness | 29th Jun 17

      Thank you so much for your kind words! I still have a long way to go!

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