Strawberry & Orange Cream Mocktail – Sugar Free

Sugar. We all know how harmful it can be in excessive amounts yet we cannot seem to stay away. After all, It’s one of the most addictive substances on earth–said to affect our brain through the same mechanisms as a drug addiction. Consuming sugar causes blood sugar levels to elevate signaling the brain to release Dopamine and insulin. As the sugar level plummets, it causes us to feel tired, hungry and more likely to reach for another sugary treat. You can see how this can become a viscous cycle in our lives.

I am guilty of overindulging in sweet treats from time-to-time and although my motto is everything in moderation, we sometimes don’t realize that more of the foods we are eating contain hidden levels of sugar. According to scientists from the University of California, added sugar is lurking in about 74% of all packaged foods. This number becomes alarming when we realize just how many ways we are consuming sugar.

One thing I admittedly used to love was lemon/lime soda such as 7Up and Sprite. I knew that drinking them was bad for me yet it was like I couldn’t stop. I was unknowinly addicted to the not only the sweet citrus flavor, but the carbonation as well.

Zevia to the rescue!

Needless to say, I was super excited when I found Zevia, a zero-calorie soda sweetened naturally using Stevia which is a sugar subsitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species, Stevia rebaudiana. Steviol Glycosides are the active compounds of stevia which are 150 times sweeter than sugar but have a negligible effect on blood glucose.

I purchased a couple of different kinds, the cream soda, and the lemon lime. both flavors tasted great!

I decided to try it out in a recipe and…wow! it tasted so incredibly refreshing, you have got to try this! Scroll to the bottom to get the directions on how to make it yourself!

zevia cream soda

Creamy Mocktail recipeCreamy mocktail recipe creamy mocktail recipe

I have started to enjoy the Lemon Lime variety with my meals. I find that it is very refreshing and reminds me a lot of the classic 7Up or Sprite. I don’t feel as guilty when drinking it!

creamy mocktail recipe

creamy mocktail recipe

creamy mocktail recipe zevia

Where to find Zevia?

You can locate your nearest location that carries Zevia by clicking here



Strawberry & Orange Cream Mocktail


  • 8 strawberries, chopped
  • 2 freshly squeezed oranges
  • 2 ounces almond milk
  • 6 ounces cream soda Zevia


  1. Combine all ingredients into your blender and mix until well blended.
  2. Add some extra chopped strawberries for extra flavor

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Strawberry & Orange Cream Mocktail - Sugar Free
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recipe image
Recipe Name
Strawberry & Orange Cream Mocktail - Sugar Free
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  1. Jalisa Marie | 20th Apr 17

    I need to look into this. I suffer from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome so sugar is my enemy. The Carribean in me loves carbonated drinks.

  2. realmofvibes | 21st Apr 17

    I have seen this and contemplated purchasing it; reading your review has made me want to give it a try! I love that it is non-GMO and all natural!

  3. Sarah Vieira | 21st Apr 17

    We have reduced a lot of sugar in our house too, we are always looking for alternatives and this sounds delicious. Will need to look into it. Thanks girl 😉

  4. Stephanie Lowry | 22nd Apr 17

    I haven’t heard of this yet. Sounds great, we could absolutely use less sugar in this house. The drink you made looks amazing!

    • Projectlifewellness | 22nd Apr 17

      Thanks Stephanie! We are trying to cut down on processed sugar and It’s just so hard. Things like this make the transition a bit easier <3

  5. babiestobookworms | 23rd Apr 17

    Yum, this looks so good! We have been setting up our outdoor patio, and this seems like the perfect drink to celebrate!

    • Projectlifewellness | 24th Apr 17

      oh yay! that means summer is right around the corner 🙂 this is the perfect summer drink 🙂

  6. Kate A | 24th Apr 17

    I had no idea until checking out this post and the links to the product that they made so many varieties! This sounds like a perfect beverage choice!

    • Projectlifewellness | 24th Apr 17

      Thanks Kate! i know I was so surprised as well! I had seen them at Whole Foods but had only tried one flavor (the cola). Then I discovered the rest and was quite pleased.

  7. Gelli | 24th Apr 17

    Oh wow! i didn’t really know about zevia before. I personally stopped using sugar for the reasons you mentioned. I’m a Stevia person now, lol. It tastes sweeter actually even with small amount. Gonna try this soda for sure!

    • Projectlifewellness | 24th Apr 17

      Good for you for cutting out sugar! I have been struggling and struggling with that!

  8. Meredith from Mommy in Leggings | 24th Apr 17

    Ohhhh my gosh this looks amazing!!! I’ve cut out sugar before…I’ve since fallen back off but I’ve never felt better than when I got rid of it!!!

  9. runawaywidow | 25th Apr 17

    This looks delicious and so easy to make! What a tasty way to cut out the sugar.

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