Etsy Holiday Gift Guide to all-natural skincare | Featuring 8 shops

‘Tis the season for all natural skincare.

With Christmas right around the corner, many people are scrambling to do all of their last minute shopping in the next few days. We all know someone who enjoys the hustle and bustle this time of year and looks forward to strolling the malls and nearby shops. You can often find them enjoying a cup of hot cocoa as they lug around dozens of bags through each store, marveling at all of the festive decor.

These people don’t seem to mind the craziness and are perfectly fine with circling the parking lot a few dozen times in search of a decent parking space. But for those of us who absolutely despise crowds and cringe at the thought of standing in long lines, we’d rather stay home, in our pyjamas and do all of our shopping online instead. I know I do.

Over the last few weeks, I have been absolutely scouring Etsy in search of all natural handmade skincare items to buy as gifts, and to feature on my blog. As many of you know, whether it’s food or skincare, I enjoy all-natural products whenever possible and I believe I have found the best of the best in all natural skincare. I have included a wide variety of products perfect for both men and women.

I have included links to 8 awesome natural skincare stores on Etsy and have included their best sellers (including 1 non-skincare item). The women behind these stores formulate and hand craft all of their products using only top-quality natural ingredients. If you’re looking for last minute gifts, and want to give the gift of natural skincare, check out these stores and hot items! Leave me a comment below to let me know what you think!

1. Amenta’s Key



The Luxury Essentials Holiday Gift Set from Amenta’s Key, is the perfect package to add to your Christmas Shopping List. This limited edition collection is a true classic and is guaranteed to be appreciated long after Christmas Morning. If you wish to make a simple declaration of love and joy, this bundle of natural skin-loving bath yummies is the way to go.

The Relaxation Set includes:
1 Unscented Classic Handmade Artisan Bar Soap –
2) Naked (Unscented) 6 oz Whipped Body Batter™ –
3) Naked (Unscented) 8 oz Sweet & Salty Sugar Scrub™ –
4) Unscented 4 oz Liquid Body Wash
5) Naked (Unscented) 12 oz Dead Sea Bath Soak Blend

Only $42.00 for the whole set! Click here to get it now: Gift Set bundle

2. Pearl Rose Candle Co.

pearlrosecandleco etsy


This isn’t considered a skincare item but I had to include it as part of my favorite shops/items. These Starbucks Peppermint Mocha wax melts smell heavenly and there scent starts with Light Milk, Fresh Mint Leaves; middle notes of Peppermint and Starbucks Coffee. Bottom notes of Vanilla and sprinkles of Hot Cocoa. Topped with Vanilla Peppermint.

All of their wax melts are handmade with All Natural Soy Wax and are highly scented with phthalate free fragrance oil.

Only $4.00!! Click here to check them out! Peppermint Mocha Wax Melts.

3. Merry Apothecary


headache soother bath bomb etsy

This handmade bath bomb takes the idea of a therapeutic bath to heart, and will offer you a gentle alternative for when those cluster headaches, migraines or stress headaches hit you.

This natural bath bomb is especially popular for individuals who prefer homeopathic medicine to traditional western medicine, and lets you take care of your bodies needs without harsh medications.

At only $4.00 you cannot go wrong with this!! Click here to get it: Headache-Soother Bath Bomb

4. Oh My Goodness Beauty



This is part of the OCM (oil cleansing method) Oil dissolves oil. The reason many people prefer to use this soap-less cleansing method is simple; when you use soap it dries your face out, and naturally when your face dries out your body sort of freaks out and starts to create more oils, an over production of oil can lead to breakouts and just a bad time.  By using this, your face will not produce more oil, and it will still get just as clean! These cleansers soak into your pores where the little nasties live and breaks it all up and gets rid of them, leaving your face moisturized and clean!

Only$5.00 !! Click here to get it now: Not your Grandma’s Cold Cream.

5. The Soothe Chef



These amazing beard oils are made with the highest quality oils that will quickly absorb to leave your mane soft and tamed. They use sweet almond and jojoba oils to promote growth and make the hair more pliable to prevent breakage. These oils penetrate the hair shaft to nurture from the inside out, without leaving a greasy film on the hair.

Perfect gift for the special man in your life! Just $14.99!! Click here to get it now: Organic Ladies Man Beard Conditioner.

6. Rhea Natural



This Anti-Aging Eye Serum is a nutrition rich treat for the eyes. It prevents aging and wrinkles in a concentrated formula that nourishes the skin to maintain its vitality and to protect the very delicate skin around the eyes.
This amazing serum helps to repair and restore a youthful look to eye area which can take years off of your appearance. Just $23.99! Click here to get it now: Anti-Aging Eye Serum.

7. Botanica September


Rose & Cocoa scented lip balm that melts on your lips and keeps them luscious. This organic lip balm is a treat your skin and senses every time you use it.
The hydration lasts for a very long time, so there will be no need to keep re-applying the lip balm every hour.
Pretty pink color is from the infused Alkanet Root, which is an ancient herb that is safe and has been used medically in the past. It leaves very very sheer pink tint, and it won’t affect your favorite lipstick or lip gloss when layered.

ONLY $7.00! Click here to get it now: Coco Rose Lip Balm.

8. The Wild Soap Company



Every jar of Black Fig is made using only natural ingredients that include sugars, nourishing and restorative natural oils and essential oils. These scrubs are designed to enable you to relax, luxuriate, exfoliate, moisturize and smell amazing. Rose petals, rose buds, and lavender petals add a luxurious feel to this relaxing blend. Wild Rose & Lavender is wonderfully aromatic and classically romantic. The fragrance soothes, nourishes and relaxes.

Only $14.97!! Click here to get it: Black Fig Bath Scrub.

Make sure you check these incredible shops out today and let me know which one you would buy for your loved ones and why!



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