Toddler-proof your cell phone with Intelliglass screen protector

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Finally, a screen protector that’s baby-proof. Intelliglass to the rescue!

As a Mom of a very rambunctious toddler, I know the importance of baby-proofing practically everything around the house. From adding safety bars to doorways, removing anything glass from the premises, and making sure all the cabinets are sealed shut, we do a lot to ensure our child’s safety. Along with keeping him safe however, we also hope that these measures will help protect our personal belongings from getting destroyed.

Most of the time, I keep any and all valuables out of my Son’s reach but every now and again, he will reach for something he should not be playing with. Luckily, I usually notice right away and can rectify the situation before it gets out of hand. Last week, he somehow managed to reach and grab my hair dryer which sits high up on my bathroom counter. He quickly tried to throw it into the toilet but was stopped abruptly once I caught him. Needless to say, I have now completely relocated all of my personal care products to a higher shelf that he cannot reach.

There are some things however, that I just cannot relocate. My cell phone is a great example of this. It is in my possession 80% of the time which means that it is near impossible to hide it from my little guy. Now, I let my Son play with my smartphone more often than I’d like to admit, but I do set a limit on the amount of time he spends on it. Needless to say, I needed durable accessories such as phone case and a glass screen protector to ensure that it could withhold the many drops that throws that would soon become it’s fate.

I’ve tried countless screen protectors from companies making far-fetched claims that their product fails to deliver. IntelliGlass was noticeably different from the moment I opened up the packaging. It’s structure feels strong unlike it’s flimsy counterparts from other brands. Afterall, what other company out there makes a screen protector with the bold claim that it has stronger scratch resistance than steel? After trying it out, I’m a firm believer and a new customer.

I will be reviewing the IntelliGlass screen protector based on the following criteria:

✔  Packaging/Instructions
✔ Ease of installation
✔ Effectiveness


Intelliglass screen protector review
I have purchased many screen protectors throughout the years and can honestly say, I have never seen it come in such wonderful packaging. The cover clearly lists the qualities of the screen protector in an easy on the eyes fashion. The high quality casing feels very sturdy and sleek, and opens easily once you remove the foil seal.
Intelliglass screen protector review
Once the foil seal is broken, the packaging opens up easily to reveal a very neatly arranged interior which features a convenient insert to the left that holds the screen wipes, squeegee card, and microfiber cloth. To the right, it has a sleeve which houses the screen protector and dust removal tape safely in a protective encasing.
Intelliglass screen protector review
This company goes above and beyond to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. This package includes everything shown above. As mentioned earlier, it has cleaning wipes, dustcloth, sqeegee card, dust removal tape, and of course, the screen protector itself.
Intelliglass screen protector review
The one-time use alcohol wipe can be used to clean the surface of the phone prior to the application of the product. Afterwards, the included microfiber cloth can be used to remove any remaining streaks from the alcohol wipes. The included squeegee card is very helpful in removing air bubbles that may form during the application. Keep in mind that any faint patterns and small bubbles left over will disappear in 24-48 hours as per the instruction manual.


Intelliglass screen protector review
The installation was an absolute breeze. Seriously fool-proof. You start by using the dust cloth to clean off any dust or marks on your original screen. Then, using the included dust removal tape, carefully apply it to the entire screen applying pressure where it contacts the screen.
Intelliglass screen protector review
In order to remove any remaining air bubbles, wrap the included squeegee card in the microfiber cloth and push out from the center of your device towards the edges.

Intelliglass screen protector review


The Intelliglass HD Smarter Screen Protector makes the following claims:

Ultra Clear – Designed for maximum transparency and touch sensitivity. You won’t even know it’s there!

Exceptionally Strong – Surface hardness of 9H (only a diamond is harder) that can withstand hits and dings. Tempered for shock and break resistance.

Slim Fit– Amazingly thin premium glass screen protection that is perfectly molded to fit your device.

Oleophobic Coating –  You can kiss annoying smudges and fingerprints goodbye.

Easy Installation – Advanced silicone adhesion ensures there is no bubbling or permanent reside.

After using the product I can confidently say that I agree with all of these claims. The screen protector is exceptionally clear and thing, I forget that it’s on there. The installation was easy and so far, a key to the surface did not cause any scratches. I also have already dropped my phone a couple of times (per the usual) and did not get any cracks or scratches from the impact.

I like that this product fit nicely over My Samsung 5 however, it does get in the way of the fingerprint feature to unlock the phone. This was my only complaint with the phone. However, I believe that simply reprogramming my finger print with the case on should do the trick.

Overall, I am very happy with this product and recommend it to anyone with a smartphone especially if you have a toddler :).

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