Creating an effective Vision Board

How many of you own a vision board? do you even know what a vision board is?

Up until just 2 years ago, although I had heard the term, I didn’t really quite know what a vision board was or what it was used for. A vision board is essentially a bulletin board containing  inspirational pictures and phrases which represent the feelings, experiences, and objects one wishes to achieve in life. The idea behind it is that people are twice as likely to achieve their life goals if they’re kept in plain view on a regular basis.  A vision board is one of the most powerful visualization tools you can use in your life so setting aside adequate time to create one and observe it often can help you achieve a desired outcome in your future.

I strongly believe that although God is in charge of our lives and the outcomes we face, he has given us the power to make choices and decisions that help guide us and ultimately shape our destiny. At first, I was skeptical about vision boards and how they could help me change my life. I slowly began to notice however, that many of my successful mentors kept their own vision boards close by as a constant reminder of the goals they’d set and achieved for themselves.

The phenomenon began to intrigue me and I became determined to create a vision board of my own which would include all of the things I desired to “attract” into my life. This included health, prosperity, endless love, traveling, financial freedom, and of course, countless material objects. I quickly ran out, bought a bulletin board and some tacks, gathered some meaningful images and phrases, and before I knew it, I had a beautifully detailed vision board, hanging just above my side of the bed.

Now what?

Observing my vision board on a nightly basis became a ritual that I looked forward to everyday. You see, I am a firm believer that whatever thoughts you hold in your mind just prior to drifting off to sleep, have a profound effect on your mood, drive, and overall well-being into the following day. So, as I lovingly peered at my vision board daily, I envisioned myself as already having achieved my dreams by holding those images, feelings, and affirmations in my mind.

What I didn’t realize however is that I was overwhelming my mind by observing an over-crowded board filled with too many random pictures and phrases all unrelated to one another . I wasn’t focused on achieving a single goal. I knew what I wanted, but did not have a clear “road map” on how I planned to get there. My vision was lacking the most crucial part–the journey itself.I was putting the horse in front of the carriage so to speak- which basically rendered my vision board useless.

I remember having a conversation with a successful business owner who explained to me that in order for a vision board to work effectively, there were certain things that had to be kept in mind. Here are some techniques to help you create a truly effective vision board today!

Have your vision board tell a story

One of the main principles of the law of attraction is that energy flows where attention goes. This basically implies that you will see the most results in whatever it is you choose to focus on. Instead of adding images from all over the place, set one goal at a time. For example, if one of your most important goals is to lose weight, begin by placing pictures of scenarios that can aid you in losing weight. This can include images of healthy foods, water, and exercise equipment. You can also place pictures of a man or woman with the ideal body type that you wish to achieve as your end goal. Make sure to add your face somewhere on the board so that you begin to associate the desired result with yourself and your efforts.

Switch out your images often

Each time a single goal is achieved, It’s important to remember to swap out your images for new ones tied to a different goal. It’s likely that your desires for success will change often so It’s important to adjust your vision board accordingly. remain constant with whatever it is you’re holding in your mind and make sure to focus all of your efforts into achieving it. It’s far more effective to do this on a regular basis as it will ensure that you are devoting enough time to all areas of your life. Some people may choose to keep several vision boards, each representing a differnt area in their lives. This works too but if you’re limited on space like I am, it’s always best to improvise.

Observe your vision board before bed and first thing in the morning

You don’t have to look at your vision board several times a day to ensure that it’s effective. simply reviewing it once in the evening and once in the morning can be enough. It’s said that the thoughts we hold in our mind right before going to sleep are powerful and can impact our subconscious mind throughout the night. Following this up with a review of your vision board first thing in the morning can amplify your results by creating a vibrational match for your desired outcome. The best place to keep your vision board is on your nightstand or somewhere close to your bed to ensure that you can access it easily at night and in the morning.

Reserve a special section of your board for goals that have been achieved

I cannot stress how important this point is. As time goes on and you begin to slowly manifest each goal you set for yourself, It’s important to keep one picture from each achievement as a representation of what you’ve attracted into your life through your hard work. It will help serve as a powerful reminder that your efforts are paying off and to keep going on your journey. As time goes on, you may need to invest in a bigger vision board as you fill it up with all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished!

Express gratitude while viewing your vision board

Each time you look at your vision board and envision your life as you’d like it to be, be mindful to also express gratitude for what you already have. It’s important to be content with your life at the present moment while working towards the next phase in life. Never lose sight of all the blessings you have and continue to thank God/the universe for the unending gifts that have already been given to you. This will open your heart and mind to receiving additional blessings.

If you don’t own a vision board, I strongly suggest you get one! even if you are skeptical about It’s effectiveness, you have nothing to lose by keeping your visions close by to ensure they are always front and center in your mind. Let’s work on achieving our goals together. What do you hope to achieve in the next 6-months?


  1. Roy Miller | 30th Oct 16

    I have heard of a vision board before, but have not given it much thought. I would probably have started out just like you did. I would have put too many objects on it. It is good to know that you start with just one goal.

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