Kid Tested, Mother approved | The top 10 baby items every parent needs!

A baby has a special way of adding joy in every single day. -Author Unknown.

In my short 18-months as a Mother, I’ve learned a whole lot about parenting and babies in general. This includes being well-versed in essential baby products which have helped make our lives a bajillion times easier. Yes, a bajillion.

With the baby market being completely saturated, It can be downright overwhelming simply stepping foot in a baby store. I remember the first time I went to scan all of my registry items at Babies R Us, my head spun as I walked aisle by aisle scanning practically everything I thought we needed. And even though my Husband lovingly told me I was being irrational by scanning 7 types of baby bouncers, and 3 infant bathtubs, I didn’t listen.

You see, first time Mom’s don’t know any better. We get excited at the anticipation of bringing a new life into this world and want to make sure we have EVERYTHING ever created by Graco within arms reach when our baby arrives. Ladies, I get it. I’ve been there myself. If you’re reading this and are expecting your first child anytime soon…listen up.

If I could go back and do it all over, I would have probably selected only half of everything I did to add to my registry and would not have wasted so much time returning and exchanging items. Sure, some things are trial and error like which types of bottles and diapers to use, but for the most part, all the things you think you need, you never ever end up using.

Now on the contrary, there are some baby essentials that I absolutely 100% recommend. Many of these Items I could not have lived without especially in the first 6 months. This list may seem like a no brainer to seasoned Mothers but to all the mothers to be, it can be really helpful.


Perhaps the single most important item….an infant swing! We bought the Graco Simple Sway infant swing because it was the perfect compact size and reasonably priced compared to some of the more fancier swings. I cannot express how thankful I am for this swing. My Son slept in this swing from the day we brought him home from the hospital all the way to now–at 18 months. It has a weight capacity of 25 lbs which is perfect since he still falls slightly under.



My Son loved the ingenuity baby bouncer and slept in in often. I loved that I could bring it literally everywhere with me–in the kitche, in my bedroom, even in the bathroom. Anywhere where I needed to go, I brought this bouncer with me and could always keep an eye on my little guy. I loved that it rocked gently and played music and soothing sounds as well.


This was one of the items I had placed on my registry. My husband and I LOVED our Dohm for Baby Sound Machine. What was great about it was that it played a variety of music and different sounds to help lull baby to sleep. We would turn this badboy on anytime my Son was being fussy and would be in awe when he would suddenly slip into slumber. Could not do without this!


Let me just tell you how much I adore these mesh fresh food feeder bags by Munchkin. It made giving my fruit so much more easier. I remember giving my Son bananas and pineapples using one of these when he was 5 months old. I will never forget how his face lit up as he tasted the sweetness of the fruit. What a great alternative to boring milk! I loved these because I never felt worried that my Son would choke since the fruits would strain out leaving any excess pulp behind. You NEED these!!


Ah, colic calm. You will never know how many times you saved my life! Colic calm is basically all-natural gripe water which helps to sooth gas, colic, and reflex. My poor little guy had a lot of gas as well as acid reflux and would often times be so uncomfortable after feeding. Giving him a couple of drops of this would soothe him and he would stop wailing in an instant.

I LOVE my Boppy pillow. This pillow helped me breastfeed my Son for the first couple of months and was very soft and comfotable to use. I then used it to help prop my Son up when laying next to him on the bed and also used it for tummy time–which my Son enjoyed very much. He still uses it in his play pen as he naps. I highly recommend this!


Although these can be difficult to clean, I highly recommend the Dr. Browns Natural Flow baby bottle. They feature an internal vent that helps to reduce air bubbles in the formula/breast milk which means less discomfort for baby! the milk also doesn’t oxidize as fast meaning the nutrients are preserved. Add this to your registry!


I had been told over and over how important it was to have a nasal aspirator on hand for those days when my Son had a cold. It seemed that all of my Mommy-friends recommend for me to get the NoseFrida. I wasn’t sure if I liked the idea of “sucking snot” out of my Son’s nose but thankfully, there’s a filter attached so the snot never actually gets into your mouth (phew). My Son did catch the sniffles at 12 weeks and was uncomfortable sleeping on his back. Luckily, I had this handy and after using, my Son immediately seemed relieved. This one is a no-brainer ladies!


These Bright Start “Lots O Links” were given to me as a baby shower gift and I can honestly say, they were one of the most practical. Brightly colored and sturdy, I loved how versatile these links were. I would hang them from my Son’s car seat, in his play pen, and even dangled them from his jungle gym. He would often use them as teething toys as well. I know they seem so simple, but sometimes, simple is best.


Since my Son’s car seat is rear-facing, both my Husband and I installed a backseat mirror in our cars so that we could see our prince at all times when driving. We purchased the Brica In-Sight auto mirror because of it’s affordable price and ease of use. Installing it (if you eve want to call it that) took less than 3 minutes.  


To the Mom’s out there, do you have any of these 10 items or are there any other ones you’d recommend?

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