Sea Salt Blondies Recipe [Vegan]

I have to admit that this sugar cleanse has been pure torture. It did get a bit worse when I found this recipe for vegan, sea salt blondies. I have this recipe on my “to make” list after I am done!

What attracted me to the recipe was the fact that very minimal ingredients were used and every single one is healthy. In fact, the main ingredient in this recipe is chickpeas…go figure. I have made many desserts utilizing chick peas and go virtually undetected. Just ask my finicky husband and he’ll tell you.

I do want to add a big disclaimer that this recipe is NOT mine. It belongs to a super duper blogger who I recently began following (highly recommended) named Rachel Yacobozzi.

Rachel Yacobozzi

Rachel is a fellow health foodie who recently graduated with a degree in Marketing and obtained her personal training certification in the process.

She is also an avid blogger who enjoys spreading awareness about super foods and their connection to health and vitality.

If you’re looking for AWESOME recipes and tips on how to live a healthy/happy life, you NEED to be following this girl!

Click here to check out her blog.

If you’d like to get her recipe for these amazing vegan sea salt blondies, you NEED to click here


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