5 ways to get over a bad day and be awesome instead

We all have bad days from time-to-time.

Often, it can be triggered by having a negative experience early on which then sets the tone for a downward spiral of events. This can lead us to identify it as a “bad day”.

Other times, we may be having a great day only to have it shattered by a minor circumstance leaving us asking “why me?”. Although we cannot always control what happens in our lives, we can ALWAYS choose how we respond to negative stimuli.  Yes, that is definitely easier said than done I know, but it certainly is possible.

In fact, if we ever want to achieve growth and wisdom in our lives, we must learn to cope with anger, frustration, disappointment, and sadness in reasonable ways.

Our lives are hectic. Most of us have demanding jobs and find it difficult to maintain a healthy work/life balance.  It’s important to remember that no matter what happens to you, you can always find happiness in the moment.

You can choose to see the positive even in the worst of times. In fact, I can almost guarantee that if you look closely at the reasoning behind every bad situation, you can find that it will more than likely, only serve to make you better.

As a Mom, I have had many bad days. Who am I kidding, I have had bad days even prior to becoming a Mom because well, I’m human after all and far from perfect. Most recently, I had one of the worst days which resulted with me getting in a car wreck, being issued a citation, and summoned to court.

It all happened so quickly and although I was able to block the initial emotions (probably due to the shock), it hit me the next day and left me in a funk for hours.

How much would the damages cost? would this go on my driving record? what if my Son was with me in the car? all these thoughts replayed in my mind and I lost focus of what really mattered. I was still alive and the damages were minor.

I began digging deep and analyzing the situation. Could anything good possibly come out of this incident?

I decided I would make the conscious choice to see the positive. I learned a valuable lesson about switching lanes and staying focused on the road. Also, because of this incident, it inspired me to write about how to deal with bad days…which I hope helps someone reading this right now!

See? there is ALWAYS a silver lining in the clouds which brings a sense of hope, peace, and wisdom. We just have to be willing to seek it.

Anyway, back to my bad day. Like many others, I have my own way of getting myself out a funk and feeling better. These are techniques that I have been utilizing for years and highly recommend. I can’t say whether any of these methods would  work for you, but hey, they’re worth a shot!


1. Going for a long drive.

There’s Something about the open road with the windows rolled down and music turned up that has a soothing effect. I oftentimes lose myself in moments like these as I begin to ponder about life and parallels in the universe (oo la la I’m so deep :-p). I realize that the more I think about life, and the bigger picture, the smaller my problems begin to appear. I normally will drive for 30-40 minutes until my mind clears. I highly recommend it–Use the time to your advantage and begin focusing on your dreams and goals and think of creative ways to reach them.

2.Talking to a friend or loved one that you trust.

I have to say that I lean on my Husband during difficult times like these. He is usually very caring, loving, and offers some of the greatest advice EVER. Other times, I enjoy talking to my Mom and can always count on her for listening and telling me when I’m being completely irrational. Thanks Mom! :). If you don’t have someone to talk to, I’d say join a couple of “support” groups online or find an online community of others that have similar values and vent, vent, vent. I always said that when we get our problems out, it makes us feel stronger and happier leading to a boost of confidence. This confidence is exactly what we need in order to propel us towards success.


There is something unbelievably therapeutic about baking. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way as I have heard this from many others as well. I enjoy creating healthy versions of bad-for-you recipes. Who knows, you might decide to start a blog like me one day (unless you already have one) and post all the wonderful tasty creations you whipped up. Oh and I have a healthy dessert recipe guide that you NEED. Click here to check it out!

4. Getting out in nature.

This one has to be my absolute favorite. I am definitely not a home body and prefer to always be out and about. Particularly, I love being in nature such as at a forest preserve or hiking trail where I can simply be one with the earth (yes I just said that).  I feel that this helps to clear my mind and reduce stress. Not to mention, it helps to get the oxygen really pumping through my body leading to an increase in cellular respiration that in turn, helps the body heal from illness. I also like to workout while I’m out which makes me look and feel my best.

5.Expressing gratitude out loud.

Make sure you do this in private so you don’t seem like a lunatic. OR you can simply write them down. I think It’s super important that we express gratitude so that we are constantly aware of the many blessings we possess. Even if our lives appear to be hectic and disorganized, we can always find some time during the day to say “thank you” for the good times AND the bad. This serves as a powerful reminder that we have more we need and by doing this, we tend to attract more wonderful experiences into our lives. Simple as that! I like to start my mornings out with this, you can read more about my morning rituals here.

These are just a few ideas which might help you turn your day around. It is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a start. What works for you when you’re in a funk? I want to know!

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