Is the common cold worse in the summer months?

Ahh the dog days of summer. Everyone you know is lounging at the beach sipping a margarita, you have your bags packed ready to head out and join them…until it hits you. That dreaded tickle in your throat; you know, the kind that slowly begins to turn into a painful swallow. You begin to swallow again and again, hoping that it goes away but it’s still there, looming like a dark cloud right before a storm. As the pain gets worse, your anxiety builds for what seems to be the inevitable…could this be the common cold coming on? but you did everything right! You ate 5 servings of fruit a day, exercised regularly, practiced meditation…It’s summer for crying out loud!! how could you possibly get sick in the summer?

These were my exact thoughts just 3 days prior as my Hubby and I pulled up into the lot of a nearby children’s park. It was 80 degrees, sunny as could be making it the perfect day to enjoy some fun with the family. As I began to get out of the car, I noticed my throat began to hurt. The pain was all too familiar to me. I tried to ignore it but it kept getting worse. The next day, I woke up with the pain still there. I shivered at the thought that I could be getting sick in the summer. Sure enough, just a few hours later, my nose began to run. For me, I know It’s been the stress. The stress of never having enough time to do anything, overworking myself, and staying up late.

The body can only take so much when we don’t give it adequate rest. Our immune system becomes compromised and less able to ward off viruses and infections. So, it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat. If you aren’t combating stress with constant breaks, rest, and fun, you’re bound to get run down by the common cold, regardless of the season. Here’s where that whole balance thing comes in..after all, that is one of the main points of my blog. To spread awareness about balance, something I clearly am still trying to find in my life.

Are summer colds worse than winter colds?

I had managed to avoid the common cold for over two years, coming out virtually unscathed each winter, sighing loudly in relief. Now here I was, laying in my bed quivering with chills and muscle pain, wondering what I did to deserve this kind of torture. I couldn’t help but notice something though, summer colds appeared to be much worse than winter colds. How could this be? I decided to do some research and find out.

Apparently, the viruses associated with upper respiratory infections that are typically prevalent in the winter, are joined by a third virus known as the enterovirus. This pesky little bug can cause other more severe symptoms such as diarrhea, body rashes, aches, and a whole host of other manifestations. To make matters worse, our constant exposure to recycled air from air conditioners cause our nostrils to dry out creating an opening for viruses to enter.

Luckily, the treatment for both winter and summer colds is the same:

  • Rest, rest, rest…I can’t stress this one enough.
  • Drink plenty of water, juice, and bone broth to stay hydrated.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
  • Wash hands often to avoid spreading the virus.
  • Laugh often–this is extremely good for the soul.

What worked to get rid of the common cold for me

Sometimes, there is really no way to avoid catching the common cold and even over-the-counter treatments don’t work all too well. It’s been 3 days and I am finally starting to feel better. I let the virus run its course and tried to rest, drink plenty of liquids, and avoided all sugar and starchy foods. I also found that eating protein rich foods such as eggs, chicken, and beans, all helped to speed up my recovery. Protein helps to fight bacterial and viral infections and the antibodies found within our immune system rely on it.

So although I missed out on a few days of summer, I rejoiced knowing that I learned a very valuable lesson. It’s important to listen to my body when it tells me it’s tired and It’s OK to take breaks in between getting work done. Oh, and laughter speeds up recovery let me just tell you. I LOVE comedy. Now, who’s up for hitting the beach?

Thanks for stopping by!

Innana xoxo

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