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The initial emergence of grey hair can be devastating for both men and women especially when it occurs prematurely. Though we all expect to eventually experience this phenomenon, we are never truly prepared for it. Many of us obsess over the first few strands that begin to appear before gradually taking over our whole scalp. The good news however, is that this process doesn’t normally happen overnight and can take years before the entire scalp is affected. Still though, it doesn’t stop people from wanting to hide this seemingly embarrassing, aging factor regardless of the number of grey hairs they have.

I discovered my first grey hair at age 25 and although it was nicely hidden and barely noticeable, I wanted it gone. Many thoughts circled around my head; was this it for me? was my youth slipping away? fast forward to 4 years later, I now have several and can say it doesn’t bother me one bit. Ok I lied. It DOES bother me and being someone who never colors her hair, I am always searching for natural alternatives before resorting to anything traditional.

I recently spoke with someone who told me that there were natural ways to get rid of grey hairs. I laughed. Really? if such a thing existed, wouldn’t everyone be doing it? Then it occurred to me, we are generally a society who enjoys instant gratification. We don’t like waiting for results especially when we make the decision we want something gone immediately. Could there really be natural, safe ways, to get rid of grey hairs? I intended to find out. I came across a few different treatments and decided I wanted to share them with the world. After all, I’m sure that anyone reading this right now int’t a fan of graying hair either or has likely even pulled a strand or two from their own scalp at some point. By the way, it’s a complete myth that pulling grey hairs from the scalp cause additional grey hairs to appear (I recently learned this). So yea, go ahead, pull those pesky buggers out to your hearts content! 🙂

Before I get into these methods, I want to add a disclaimer. Although there are people out there who stand behind them and have even seen drastic results, it takes a lot of dedication and patience before significant progress is made. I have tried a couple of these and know a few people who swear by  them. However, keep in mind that individual results do vary.

I selected the most practical ones with ingredients that can likely already be found in your kitchen and skipped over the ones that seemed out of reach…because who really has “Indian gooseberry” just lying around their house? Let’s take a look:

natural remedy for gray hair1. Coconut oil & Lemon Juice. As if I needed another reason to LOVE coconut oil. Apparently, this wonder food has the ability to moisturize hair and stimulate hair growth. What’s more, its antioxidants have been said to actually reverse gray hair when used for a prolonged period.

Combine 2-3 teaspoons of lemon juice with some coconut oil

Apply to damp hair massaging the scalp in the process. leave on for about an hour before shampooing hair. Conditioner does not need to be included in this process.

Repeat this 3 days a week until desired results are seen.

blackstrap molasses2. Black strap Molasses. This syrupy substance is rich in copper which helps to increase the production of hair pigment. In addition, it also contains essential minerals such as iron and magnesium. For best results, consume 1 tablespoon daily. Repeat this for a few months until you see results.





natural grey hair remedy3. Black tea. As a tea enthusiast, I was pretty excited about this one. However for this treatment, you don’t actually get to drink it. Instead, you massage it into your scalp. Apparently, black tea stimulates hair growth and can add a natural dark hue to hair while keeping it healthy and shiny.

  • Boil 2 tablespoons of black tea powder with 1 teaspoon of salt in water for about 2-5 minutes and remove from heat. Allow the tea to cool before straining the liquid. Use this to wash your hair letting it air dry when complete.
  • Repeat this process approximately 3 days a week for best results.




natural remedies for grey hair4.Onion and lemon juice. Ok, I admit, this one grossed me out. As far as I’m concerned, onion goes in my salad…not my hair. However, it is apparently an effective remedy at preventing premature grays. Onion juice helps to boost catalase, an antioxidant which has been shown to affect hair graying. The lemon juice simply adds a little shine to hair …and helps to make the onion scent a little more bearable!

  • Simply start by mixing 3 tsp of onion with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice
  • Apply on hair & scalp for 20-30 minutes before washing off
  • Repeat this process 5-7 days a week for a few weeks until results have been achieved.



natural remedy for gray hair5.Sesame Seeds. I LOVE sesame seeds. So naturally, I was very drawn to and intrigued by this remedy. I actually just tried it for the first time too! preferably, try and aim for the black variety as they have more nutrients than white sesame seeds. Keep in mind though that both kinds are rich in vitamin B and other trace minerals. This will help to reduce hair loss and can reverse gray hairs.

  • Start by soaking sesame seeds in water until they are soft
  • In a food processor, create a paste…similar to the consistency of tahini (try not to eat it in the process)
  • Apply mixture into hair and scalp making sure to really penetrate the scalp by using massaging movements.


When all else fails, resort to good old fashion vitamins and nutrients. Try and consume vitamin rich foods which can help prevent the graying process. Aim for foods that are high in B and E vitamins.  Foods like fruit, veggies, and nuts, can all be excellent ways to prevent gray hair. Also, making sure to stay hydrated by drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily in order to help flush out harmful toxins can be tremendously beneficial. Remember, stay as far away from junk food as possible. I know what you’re thinking, easier said than done..believe me I know. I like to think that everything in moderation is try and opt for natural and organic foods when possible and allow yourself to splurge on junk food once in a while. Because after all, we’re all human here.

Overall, graying of the hair is an inevitable part of the biological aging process. BUT, it doesn’t need to be dealt with! try these methods and do your best to stick with them for long enough to see some results. Have you or someone you know tried these before? if so, leave me a comment and let me know!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Innana xoxo




  1. Habib Faruk Himel | 20th May 17

    Since gray hair is starting to be an indicator that a person is old, and some people are actually embarrassed to have gray hair, there are a few ways that they can revert it back to its natural color without having to apply expensive and harmful products. The alternative is natural and much more beneficial to the person applying it.

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