Top 5 reasons why I gave up eating pork and why you should too!

Wasn’t the easiest decision giving up pork.

Being a former self proclaimed bacon enthusiast, I can whole hardheartedly say that giving up pork was not the easiest thing for me to do. However, once you learn my reasoning behind it, you MIGHT understand..heck, you might even decide to give it up too…who knows. One thing I do want to mention is that i have zero judgement towards people who enjoy eating pork products. Just do your thing, homie. This is mainly an informative post where I offer my 2 cents in the matter…that’s all. Cool? Ok, good, let’s keep going.

Many religions forbid the consumption of pork products as its meat is generally regarded as “unclean”. Could there be a scientific explanations to back up this school of thought? Let’s take a look at some pork facts as I explain the top 5 reasons I gave up eating pork, and why you should too!

reasons not to eat pork1.Pigs eat almost everything .Yes, this includes feces, urine, rotten food, garbage, and animal carcasses-sometimes including any present cancerous growth. This becomes problematic as a pigs digestive system works rapidly and can digest food in just 4 short hours. Unfortunately, this isn’t an adequate amount of time to effectively remove these harmful ingested toxins. They become quickly stored as fat within the pigs cells and organs. To put things into perspective, let’s take a look at a cows digestive system. It takes a cow 24 hours to digest one meal. This gives the body enough time to adequately remove any toxins that have been ingested.



reasons not to eat pork

2.Pigs do not have sweat glands. Ever heard that idiomatic phrase, “I’m sweating like a pig”? well, I doubt the creators of this expression were actually referring to pigs since pigs do not sweat. So why is this a bad thing to us? well, toxins are often released from the body through the process of sweating. Since pigs do not sweat, they are unable to remove excess toxins from their system. Some would argue that toxins are filtered through their liver and kidneys which is true…however, sweating is an additional form of toxin removal that just isn’t present in a pigs body. When we consume pig meat, we are taking in the additional toxins that are present within its flesh. Aren’t we already bombarded by toxins on a daily basis, who needs more??



bacteria-62993_19203.Pork flesh can have worms. The CDC recommends freezing pork prior to cooking in order in order to kill any present worms. don’t believe me? click here. The CDC also recommends thoroughly cooking the meat before consuming it however, there is no specific temperature that is noted to guarantee that It’s safe to be eaten.

Here are a few of the well-known parasites and viruses present in pork flesh:

  • Menangle virus-Known to cause fever, chills, headaches, sweating, and rashes.
  • Taenia Solium-A parasite which is known to cause tissue infection and loss of appetite
  • Trichinella-a parasitic roudworm often connected to fever, myalgia, and severe edema
  • Heptatits E-A viral inflammation which in severe cases, can lead to liver fibrosis


give up pork products 4.Pork can contribute to obesity and disease. It’s a fact that pork products including ham, bacon, and sausage are loaded with saturated fat and artery-clogging cholesterol. This increases the chances of developing serious illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, asthma, Alzheimer’s, and osteoporosis.Opting for lean meats, poultry, and fish may be a better substitute in this case.




don't eat pork5.Very few pigs are raised ethically in the United States. It is almost impossible these days to find organically and ethically raised pork. It’s estimated that 97% of all pigs in the USA are raised in factory farms which are both crowded and filthy. The majority of their feed consists of antibiotics/drugs which encourages rapid growth while keeping them alive. These pigs will NEVER be able to roam free again and instead, are put under extremely stressful conditions including sometimes being beaten and mistreated by human workers. What’s more saddening is that their living conditions force them to live in their own bodily excretions leading to painful rashes and pneumonia.




If the saying “you are what you eat” is true, then I know that I definitely do not want to consume pork products. Also, many people suggest that pigs are smarter than dogs and their intelligence has often been compared to that of a 3-year-old child. I think you’re better off getting a pig as a pet than eating it, just saying.

do not eat pig
How could you eat them? Look how cute they are!

Many people I know were very curious as to why I went cold turkey (no pun intended) on pork products all of a sudden. I hope this article helped to clear up any of that confusion! I am so curious to know your thoughts on this matter, let me know by liking, commenting, or sharing this post with your friends 🙂 and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Innana xoxo

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