Urban Decay “Naked Skin” Vs. Too Faced, “Born This Way” Foundation REVIEW


Am I the only person who looks up makeup reviews on sites like Makeupalley while shopping for makeup? I can stand there in the store aisle for hours looking up a product and comparing it’s reviews with other similar items– all on my smartphone. I guess you can say that I like to be an informed shopper, especially when I plan to shell out hundreds of dollars on various makeup. So in order to save you some of this same hassle, I decided to do a quick comparison/review on 2 of the mot popular high-end foundations on the market today.

Having suffered with sensitive, acne-prone skin most of my life, I try to be very selective when choosing a new foundation. Throughout the years, I have tried countless brands ranging from drug-store lines to more higher end department store products. I have found that my skin responds best to foundations and concealers labeled “non-comedogenic” which is a fancy term for “will not clog your pores”. I also look for good-quality ingredients that can help improve the look of my skin since I do have a lot of left over scarring from years of picking at my face (ew).

A few years ago, I heard about Urban Decay’s “Naked Skin” ultra definition foundation and was extremely curious especially after reading raving reviews from just about everyone who had tried it. After desperately hunting for the perfect formula for MONTHS I had finally found my holy grail of a foundation. Low and behold this product was everything that I could ask for in a foundation; Oil and Paraben free, hydrating, light weight, and best of all, came in a wide variety of shades which made it easier to select my color. I purchased the shade 5.0 as it was perfect for my warm skin tone. The rest is history. Nearly 4 years later,  and I am still applying this foundation on a daily basis using my  Sonia Kashuk Kashuk Tools Synthetic Flat Top Multipurpose Brush No 04. 

Recently however, I heard a lot of buzz around the new “Born This Way” foundation by Too Faced. I got very curious and decided to try it out at the store. I instantly liked the texture and how it glided nicely on my skin. What’s more, it is also free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates three well-known endocrine disrupters that I did not want penetrating my skin all day long. I thought to myself “could this foundation compare to my beloved UD Naked Skin? have I found my new holy grail?” Read below to find out!

Packaging and the product dispenser

TF is a much shorter than UD (although they both contain 30 ml of product) and has a much more, heavy duty bottle. Both have a pump dispenser making it easy to get the product out and come with a lid which i love. I liked that the TF fit better in my hand and was small enough to fit in my small makeup bag. What I don’t like about UD is the fact that you have to shake it vigorously before applying. There is a small ball inside that helps to mix the product thoroughly similar to a paint spray-can. Since TF is thicker, it does not need to be shaken before using. In this category, TF definitely wins.

too faced born this way
Too Faced “Born This Way” pump
urban decay naked skin review
Urban Decay “Naked Skin” pump








Foundation consistency & scent

I have included 2 swatches on my arm. On the left, it’s UD in the shade 5.0. On the right, it’s TF in the shade Warm Beige. As you can probably tell from the picture, UD’s product is very light and runny while TF’s foundation is very thick. I was able to use the same foundation brush for both products with no issues. I found that with the TF foundation, I was able to use just one pump for my entire face whereas with the UD, I would have to use a bit more product.

born this way vs naked skin
Consistency for both products is very different

Both products gave me a demi-matte finish and did a good job of blurring lines on my skin and camouflaging imperfections. I did find however that i needed to use a finishing powder with both products in order to not look like a complete oil slick after the first hour–which I was fine with since I do that anyway. Overall, in my opinion, both foundations covered my skin very well but felt super light. I did like the fact that both have a very build-able coverage. What I didn’t like about TF is that after about 5 hours, it literally began melting off of my face.

As far as scent, I liked that TF had a very light, almost flowery scent while UD had a very chemical-like smell which I’ve never been a big fan of. I have yet to find a scent-free foundation on the market that I actually like. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

Overall results

Based on the texture, I felt that UD was much more easier to work with. I also had a very hard time selecting a color from the Too Faced line and felt that every shade I tried on was either too light or too dark. Medium Beige made me look a little orange but going one or 2 steps below it made me look too washed out. What’s more, although “Born This Way” is labeled as “oil free” I began breaking out just days after I began using it after not having a single breakout with UD prior. I decided I would only use TF when I needed some extra coverage but definitely would not use it every day.

So the winner is, Naked Skin by UD! I highly recommend it.

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  1. Carola | 30th Oct 16

    I love Urban Decay and I’m glad you see UD as the winner haha. I use quite a lot of products from UD. But not yet the foundation. Now I will try it out! I’m already addicted to their naked palettes!

    • Projectlifewellness | 30th Oct 16

      I love it! I just started using their “All Nighter” foundation which I almost love as much as Naked skin. I cannot go back to any other foundations!

  2. Adventuring The Great Wide Somewhere | 31st Oct 16

    I have yet to find my HG foundation. I’ve been curious about both of these options, so I found your post very helpful. I think I prefer the liquid consistency of the UD foundation, but I can’t say for sure until I try it. To Sephora I go to get some samples! 🙂

    • Projectlifewellness | 31st Oct 16

      Yes! get samples! Not everyone loves it at first because of the consistency and light coverage but its build-able and really improves the condition of your skin! thanks for stopping by!

  3. breena.me | 31st Oct 16

    I’m buying based on online reviews as well. When it comes to foundation or skincare I always get a sample first. I don’t need anymore too orange foundations xD

  4. Sunshine Dalton | 11th Apr 17

    I had used the UD in the past and loved it but was not using it due to price. But I had decided I wanted to go back to it and I was in Ulta the other day playing with the colors looking for the best match when two different girls working there said I should go with the TF and even color swatched on me but after walking around the store for a bit and checking on it again I just did not like how it sat on my skin as much as the UD and ended up sticking with it. When I left the store I had UD on one side of my face and TF on the other. The UD wore so much better. Also I was bad and forgot to wash my face that night and when I washed my face the next morning the side with the UD was SO much softer than the side with the TF. I do also like the lighter texture of the UD. In general I like my foundation pretty sheer and to look like my skin which UD does in a way I have yet to find any other foundation. After reading your review I am really glad I decided to stick with it!

    • Projectlifewellness | 11th Apr 17

      That’s amazing! yes I agree. UD has done amazing things to my skin and I just love how effortlessly it glides on. I don’t think I could ever use any other kind! thanks so much for stopping by!

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