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Hello world!

So I woke up one day and decided I wanted to start blogging again. I wanted a way to connect with others bearing a similar mindset as myself in hopes of motivating, empowering, and inspiring one another.

Now I once had a blog way back when before the waves of life got a hold of me, and tossed me further and further away from my cushy, “shore” of the life I was used to. I remember blogging about fitness, nutrition, and boasted about my intense 2-hour workouts that I would struggle through 6 days a week just to look a certain way. Living at home with my parents, I was able to work full-time and still have more than enough time/money to invest in physical fitness and all the other “luxuries” of life.

After settling down and getting married, acquiring a new mortgage, career, several bills, and a new baby, my priorities quickly shifted before my eyes. All of a sudden, I experienced what seemed like, an overnight transformation. No longer did I have the time (or energy) to spend grueling hours working on my fitness and watching what I ate. Sunday nights no longer consisted of prepping weekly meals and workout plans, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I was not keeping track of my caloric intake AT ALL.

I was now a working Mom with responsibility to keep someone other than myself alive. Don’t get me wrong, being a Mother has seriously been the best thing that has ever happened to me, but after being selfish for so many years, it took some time to get adjusted to at first. The lack of sleep was the worse for me. It was kind of like partying all night and then having to wake up super early for work. You know that dreaded feeling of your alarm clock going off and your head is still spinning? yeah it’s kind of like that minus the hangover and embarrassing pictures to scroll through in the morning(so glad those days are over HA!).

The alarm clock in this scenario is a screaming, ranging, infant who does this at 5:00am…every…single…day. I can say though (along with billions of other Mothers in the world) that you DO get used to it. You get used to being in a zombie-like state for a few months until your child finally decides to start sleeping through the night and then you rejoice! and stay up late anyway, doing the millions of things you didn’t have time doing during the day. So the moral of this story? being a Mother is AWESOME, lack of sleep BLOWS, but that’s life so suck-it-up sista! 😀

Wow talk about a tangent. Ok now where was I? oh yes. My blog. I knew that I wanted to start one again but didn’t know where to start. What would my posts be about? I’m not a very interesting person…pretty average actually…ok fine I’m one big hot mess. I’m just casually roaming this earth trying to figure out this thing called life and how I can do it better. I realize that I am no longer the woman I once was, my life is radically different and I want to embrace it and share it with others (cheesy i know) and in the process,connect with other Moms like me! (be my friend pleaseeeeee!)

My primary focus for this blog will be living a life of balance…hence my site name. I am on a mission to achieve balance in ALL areas of my life, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Let’s do it together! join me in my journey.

Innana xoxo

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